Where, Oh Where Have I Been…


MIA, that’s where.  I apologize in advance, this is quite a long post, but it took a lot of words to bring you up to date.

Did someone say mid life, getting older, just had a birthday, old enough to buy in an age restricted community… yes, yes and yes.  I decided it was time for change… more to follow on that.

So as part of the change I decided to start yoga.  I wanted to get in touch to find my next direction, and to get in shape so when I am 90 years old  I can do a hand stand and spin around on the ground like  a break dancer just before I slide into my grave… never mind that I can’t do it right now. I have a goal!

I joined a yoga class at a place called Yoga Arts, in the Village of the Arts near where we live.  They are set up in a cool old house… and you know how I love cool old houses!

Yoga arts bldg


<— Cool old house for yoga classes!




I headed out to my first class on a Friday morning, I want to do my best, doesn’t everyone. For a 50 something I am not in bad shape… round is a shape right? So I show up and the instructor/owner Preston gets me set up, and I do yoga.  Not too difficult I thought, I can do this.  After class, Preston commented on how well I did for someone that has not done yoga (I  did offer that I had done one class, one time at the gym, and I am pretty good at following directions when needed).

After a short discussion of what classes were available and when, I signed up to take the last beginners class of the current Monday session and the new 8 week Friday session starting the following week. All this with the intention of also signing up for the next 8 week session, on Mondays. I would end up going Monday and Friday for 8 weeks.

Monday comes and it is time for yoga… I am very enthusiastic and show up a couple minutes early. Class was uneventful other that I notice a few core muscles that are a bit tender, like when you do a bunch of sit ups. No worries, no pain no gain… right.

Wednesday morning… owwwwwwwwww those muscles are real sore. Just stretch them out… you’ve done it before and the third day is always the worst.

Thursday a little progress…a little more stretching

Friday a little better… off I go to yoga.

You see the poses in the photo?  Way over there —————>yoga pose

the one where he is sitting on the floor twisting… yea that one… the real deep twist…I found I was a little tight on that side… no worries,  I ‘ll just take it a bit easier… my muscles are a little tighter than I thought. Talking with Preston after class I let him know that I was going to just stick with the Friday sessions for now.

After that, everything is pretty much down hill and not in a good way. It progressed something like this;

Saturday morning... OMG I can hardly breath, how did I break a rib… did I break a rib… it feels like I broke a rib.  Self, I said, don’t panic you did not do anything that could have broken a rib,  just strained a muscle, you’ll be fine in a day or two.

Sunday... no change. Don’t sneeze, cough, lift, twist- don’t even move and there will be no pain…

Monday... no change. It hurts here, here and here… no don’t hug me, for gods sake don’t touch me… and like most people, I hit the internet trying to find what muscles, ligaments and tendons might reside in the area of my pain, as well as anything else it might be.

Tuesday… Call to the chiropractor. Please Dr Kristen… can I come in for an unscheduled adjustment, I have injured my rib cage! Please, Please Please. Diagnosis, looks like you have a couple of miss aligned rib heads, and strained the muscles. Ice the area, schedule a massage and rest…

Wednesday... OMG so much pain, add heat, and hydro therapy (AKA Hot Tub), stay in bed don’t move unless absolutely necessary. WTF have I done.

Thursday morning…  Email Yoga Arts to put classes on hold

Text to Michelle my massage therapist (yes I do, doesn’t everyone?) that went something like this…

  • Me: I think I have injured my intercostal muscles, what do you recommend.
  • Michelle: Massage and oils. Have you seen Dr. Kristin
  • Me: Yes, can you fit me in today?
  • Michelle: Bla Bla Bla (personal stuff I don’t need to share)
  • Me: Where are you tomorrow?
  • Michelle: I am booked tomorrow, but I can override the schedule.
  • Me: Ok, do you need to call them?
  • Michelle: I can fit you in at noon today. Sorry about the confusion
  • Me: That’s Great! see you then  Thank you

Friday… wow much better… I think I will go to work with Bill for a couple of hours.

Friday afternoon, that wasn’t so bad.

Saturday morning… Still feeling pretty good, get some blog stuff done.

Saturday afternoon...What the Hell happened and where did all this pain come from again! Back in bed- rest, heat, ice, bla bla bla… did I mention I had been taking muscle relaxers and pain relievers… Had been being the key words here.

Sunday morning… Over night rest (not moving) and pain relievers seemed to help. I hate taking pills, they mess up my stomach.  🙁 When I am done with this blog post I should probably be headed back to bed.

This really bites … not sure how much longer I will be able to tolerate this pattern…

So that is what has been happening. The good news is I know how I did it and I know how to avoid it in the future. It frustrates me that I have even injured myself in such a stupid way, especially given how physical the work I typically do is. But considering how tight most of my upper body muscles are, maybe it shouldn’t be such a surprise.

As I mentioned before, it seems that the muscles are called intercostal muscles and are the ones that run ” between”  the ribs. If I understand correctly, there are two layers, and they help expand and contract the rib cage, who knew, I certainly didn’t. It sounds like a common injury for people who do activities that involve stretching the rib cage.

The bad news, from what I have read and been told there is not much one can do to encourage faster healing, which by all indications takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks but can take several months. The biggest issue with the healing processes is you keep using the muscle mainly due to the constant need to breath which in turn causes constant low grade irritation .. Oh Joy!  Maybe I should stop breathing for a couple of weeks… oh wait… no,  but I bet Bill may be thinking about hog tying me down to the bed so I stay there long enough to heal.

Ok enough of trying to be silly, I have another massage scheduled for Tuesday, then I think I will be able to put together a better treatment plan. One that does not involve a bull headed woman charging around in a china shop saying oh I didn’t break anything…

I guess it’s the Universe’s way of telling me to slow down. Okay, Okay, I hear you Universe… what do you want me to do, stagnate?


In the mean time, I will just catch up on postings…


Have you ever heard of an Intercostal muscles before? Have you ever experienced a muscle strain doing something awesome or awesomely stupid. How long did it take you to recover and what helped the most?


Until next time…


Life is simple… take it one day at a time!





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  1. Erica Brown says:

    I similarly injured my rib cage muscles by stretching after a day of hard work. I was in a good deal of pain, but it only took 2-3 weeks to heal up, thank goodness! I was afraid it’d be the possible *8* weeks! Rest my dear, and I hope you don’t give up on yoga! Just remember that it isn’t a competition and not to push it <3

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