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My Old House


Back in 2004, Bill and I bought a house that was “Ours” as opposed to mine. Up until then we lived together in “My Old House”.  Since we had been together for about 8 years, I guess it was time… but leaving the old house was difficult for me…


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Our New House


Our new house was actually a used house. The previous owner had it build on 2.5 acres of land.



Jim Walter Homes President II Model

Jim Walter Homes
President II Model


The builder was Jim Walter Homes out of Tampa Florida (like many others, they have since closed up shop in the home building industry).



Jim Walters President II floor plan


The house was very simple, about 2000 sq feet, 4 bedroom, two bath.




plan view13ave

Google View 2004



There was no garage and only a partial driveway.  The property was shaped like a flag (the pole of the flag is our driveway) and the house was built with the entry opposite the driveway. But, it was in our price range and, my favorite part…it had potential!

I instantly had a vision for it.



The kids, on the other hand, thought it sucked and said “you don’t want to buy that”… Of course we did!

We closed on the house November 3rd 2004,  here is a closer look at what we bought.

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Dining area

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Main living area

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Hall to bedroom 2,3,4,
laundry and bath 2

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Back of the house


Front Entry

Front Entry


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One of various piles of yard waste


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Dog pen… 3 of 5 dogs

















There was a lot to do before we moved in…

So, until next time…

Life is simple…Enjoy the journey!