Cancer, A New Normal…

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Before I knew what I know now about cancer…

Oh my, where to start… Winnie the pooh would start… well at the beginning.  So let’s start back in the summer of 2014, August to be exact… before the word cancer was part of my vocabulary.



Business, as typical, had slowed down for the summer so I was focused on remodeling a small house that had been in our family for over 40 yrs.  It was originally my Great Aunts, then my Grandmother (her sister) then my Mom’s and now mine.  One day … maybe my daughter will want it.


I had completed the bathroom and painting and was on to the floors.



So I proceeded to hand scrape with a single razor blade approx. 800 sq foot of wood floor.  Why you might ask…because I did not want to loose the character that the years of use had endeared to the floor.


It really came out beautiful!


Also that summer, I noticed that I was getting more then usual muscle cramps, so I started taking a bit of potassium and a yoga class, thinking it was nothing more the working in the summer heat with no AC and using muscles that had not been worked enough in a while.

About three classes in to the new yoga program, I felt like I pulled a muscle in the right side of my rib cage…so I backed off the program and just did some gentile stretching at home for a week or so. Surprisingly I woke up one morning with extreme rib pain… as if I had a broke rib… but how… I had not been doing much, the floors were done and I had just started re-organizing the garage and shed in preparation for the upcoming building season.

The consensus was that I had irritated the cartilage that connects at the end of your ribs. It took about three weeks for the pain to subside, but along the way I noticed that I was developing pain in my left shoulder… tendinitis, was the self diagnosis… perhaps I had been over compensating for the pain in my ribs and perhaps an appointment with the family GP was in order.  So on Oct 9th I headed off for a check up.

According to my family GP, all was in order… routine blood test all came back normal and he agreed that my shoulder issue was tendinitis and to lay off working it for a while.

Next time… three weeks later, new symptoms.



Life is simple…enjoy every moment


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