Schlage Locks

We have Schlage Locks and handle sets on all the doors in our house and garage.

In particular, we have the Camelot style with an electronic keypad deadbolt. Which I love!



Electronic deadbolt- Avg price $120.00-




You never have to worry about a key, and you can set multiple codes for different people. You can enable or disable codes either temporarily or permanently, for example if you have a service person coming and need to allow them one time access, you can set a code and then later delete it.  No need to worry about leaving a key or someone duplicating a key. You can even set the dead bolt so you have to know the code to lock or unlock it (can’t be locked by the inside thumb-bolt). Which means that if you are going away and set this feature, and someone breaks into your house through a window… surprise!  They can’t get the door unlocked… even from the inside and will have to climb back through the window, or break the door down.

Our locks and handle sets are about 7 yrs old and the finish is starting to discolor on the deadbolts and the handle sets are pealing, to put it simply they are looking like crap and I have been considering replacing them.


Well, I recently learned that the finish warranty is lifetime… as in forever!  Now, I knew this was true on Moen and Grohe  faucets, I have had them replaced before. So, I called Schlage to confirm this.

Their automated system was quite simple… I pressed two buttons and waited less then 30 seconds and woman came on the line and introduced herself as Bernice.  She was quite pleasant and upbeat as she asked me several questions including name, address, type of product, model number.

I want to tell you that I was very impressed. The whole process could not have been more simple or painless. I think the phone call lasted at the most 10 minutes and in the end Bernice gave me a claim number and said they would be sending me out complete replacements for all three of our doors and that we would receive them in 7 to 10 days. No ifs ands or butts, no credit card for shipping, no RMA… nada nothing… just replacing it!

I though I loved Schlage before…Now, I think everyone should invest in Schlage locks for their home! (except for their nexia system, that’s another post).

PS… The first electronic lock we had used was a Kwikset Power bolt 1000- It was awful, I still have two of them new in the box that I never installed. I couldn’t find the receipt to return them.