3 Steps to Removing Seafood Odor From Carpet


One Fish, Two FishEEW You Stink Fish



Cheryl K. writes… “I know this isn’t along the lines of Construction, but its worth the asking, do you have any pointers on removing the smell of slightly fermented seafood from carpet.”


Although my back ground is in construction… my hubby says I am a renaissance woman, because I know a little about a lot…

So lets give this one a shot!


How I would remove seafood smell (and other odors) from carpet.


Spilling raw seafood or fish juices onto your carpet can create an overwhelming stench that can permeate the room. The stench may become even more offensive as the juices sour. Simply shampooing the carpet, although removing most of the contamination, may not neutralize the odor and additional steps maybe necessary.

News Flash…I have never had to remove seafood odors from carpet.  This is my go to for odors in general and I would apply it to seafood as well.

First, if you have spilled any type of seafood juice that is going to sour and give off a foul odor the first step is to blot up as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Cleaning up seafood spills immediately will help minimize the amount of time the smelly liquid has to penetrate the carpet fibers.


Next, saturate the area of the carpet thoroughly with plain White Vinegar so that it will penetrate down into the padding (this is where most odors reside).   Vinegar’s naturally acidic nature helps neutralize many odors including  fishy smells. Allow the vinegar to soak for about 30 minutes (longer if the carpet has dried).

Finally, soak up the extra vinegar with a rag or paper towels and allow the area to air dry.  The vinegar smell will dissipate as it drys and should leave the area fresh smelling.


For general air-borne cooking odors, especially those from frying, I like to burn a lemon scented candle or two. It helps to oxidize the odors and leaves a fresh clean sent.

 NOTE: Always test cleaning techniques and solutions for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.


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