Love Bugs… They’re Back!


We were sitting out on the deck yesterday afternoon when I noticed …  yup, they are back in full force!


lovebugsTwo things I despise in the spring, besides taxes…rain and love bugs… but hey, that’s Florida!  Better than snow and ice…




There is nothing worse than having a windshield full of love bugs and then it starts raining… you get an awful case of “I can’t see the highway” and it’s worse if you turn on the wipers.


Love bug smears

Love bug smears


To add insult to injury (one of my mom’s sayings),  if they aren’t washed off a vehicle within a few days, their white, sticky, acidic remains will erode even the best automotive paint. In addition, if it is a really bad year for them, their tiny bodies can clog radiators, causing cars to overheat…

and they call them Love Bugs?!?!? I hate them!


Love Bugs, Windshield Wipers and Washer fluid

This is the time of year that I want to make sure that my wipers and clean and in good condition and that I have plenty of windshield washer fluid.


How to Clean Your Windshield Wipers

This is a quick two step task.

1-Using an old cloth, dampen the cloth with white vinegar, then run the cloth down each windshield wiper blade two or three times.

2-Using a second cloth with water,  rub down each blade to remove any residual vinegar.

If the wipers are in good shape, this should clean off the built up grim that can keep your wipers making a smooth wipe across the windshield.


DIY Windshield Washer Fluid


Cold Weather Recipe You’ll Need:
1 GAL. Jug (great if saved an old windshield washer fluid jug to reuse)
1 Tsp. common liquid dish soap
1/2 cup white household ammonia
8 oz bottle 90% Isopropyl Alcohol (walmart or the dollar store frequently has these $1 or less fo a 16oz bottle, keeps mixture from freezing)
A couple drops of food coloring  ( alert that it is not water)

Measure the soap, rubbing alcohol and ammonia into the jug, add water to fill. Cap and shake gently to mix well before pouring into wiper/washer reservoir.

For areas where the temperature can be extremely cold ( in the minus digits) test your mixture to see if it will freeze by leaving it outside overnight and check it in the morning. If it’s frozen or partially frozen, add additional alcohol to the recipe.

For warm weather areas like here in Florida, you can leave out the rubbing alcohol.

The best part is the cost!
Jug = Free -Recycled jug
1 Tsp. Soap – about .05
Alcohol $0.50
Ammonia .15

Total Cost for 1 Gallon of Fluid  between $0.20 and $0.70 a Gallon (depending on the alcohol), and more eco friendly that the store bought kind.

If you have a Love bug removal remedy that you know works,  please feel free to share it in the comments!


Until next time…

Life is simple…Enjoy the journey!