Healthy ways to color eggs!

Healthy ways to color eggs!

With all the humbo jumbo about what we should and shouldn’t eat, who wouldn’t want to know  healthy ways to color eggs?

coloring eggsSince my diagnoses with cancer, I have slowly been trying to find healthier options for everyday things, from eating to cleaning.  Today this video  popped up on my Facebook and I love the idea!

A quick look at history… [I did not verify this, 🙁 sorry ] says coloring eggs has been around for over 60,000 years


punctuation-marks-quotation-marksGoing back to the early days of Mesopotamia, Christians would dye eggs red as a token of the blood of Christ shed for them at his crucifixion. The cracking of the egg represents Christ’s release from the tomb, and death, in his resurrection.

Christianity also tells the story of Mary Magdalene’s bringing boiled eggs to the tomb of Jesus to share with the women gathered there. As she approached the tomb, the eggs turned as red as the blood of Christ.


Watch how beautiful these eggs come out!

I think the video was produced by  but I am not sure because the one on FB was under a different page/web site.


There are an amazing number of natural things you can use to color eggs!

Check out some of these links for other colors;


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Life is simple… Play with colors!