10 Jobs You Can Do With a Oscillating Multitool

ddremel oscillating multitoolWhat the heck is an oscillating multitool?

…and why would you ever want or need one!

There are lots of reasons why, and I can name 10 in ten seconds.

But first…

This cool little tool has definitely been my go to for many do it yourself projects.




My most recent project was to un-stick all the painted and caulked shut double hung windows, which the small scraping blade took care on in no time.  The blade is thin enough that it slid nicely between the window stop and the sash like a warm knife through butter.

With the various blades available, I have also used it to cut out small sections of baseboard, remove grout and sand hard to reach places.




Here are my top 10 uses for an Oscillating Multitool

  1. Trim door casings for tile or other flooring
  2. Cut and remove sections of damaged baseboard
  3. Close cut plumbing pipes
  4. Remove grout, especially in the thin grout joints of showers
  5. Remove caulk- at counter tops, backspashes, baseboards, windows
  6. Scrape loose and blistered paint
  7. Sand corners and tight spaces
  8. Cut openings in drywall
  9. Clean thin set (adhesive) off tile (for re-use in a repair)
  10. Scrape up or trim trim away loose vinyl flooring

This tool can cut, plunge-cut, flush-cut against a surface, grind, sand, remove grout, scrape out caulk and crumbling window putty, all in tight spots that are inaccessible to many other power tools.

I have the Dremel version in my tool box, although not as powerful as some, it does a good job for my needs.  There are several manufactures including Bosch, Fein and Porter Cable.

They work using a fine, high-speed oscillating (back and forth) motion that gives you control with little vibration and chance of kick back.


Until next time…

Life is simple…What’s in your tool box!